Nerding it Up with Kimchi on the Ice Planet Hoth

Or maybe it was in the Coex Mall with John. At any rate, this blog entry should catch me up nicely. If the last 18 entries are riddled with grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, it is because I’m just trying to pound them out. Now I have to upload photos and videos. BLEH!
On Saturday, I went with John to the StarWars exibition at the Coex Mall. If it had been in Canada or with anyone else, I think I would have bitched about paying $13 to get in (who charges $13 for something??) and how bad it sucked. But because we were in Korea and I went with Detective Random it was great fun.  I got to take my picture with a storm trooper.
The coolest thing was this… tube.  This spinning tube.  We went through twice before deciding to go to the dark side.  It made John say the word "trippy" which made me giggle. (If the embeding doesn’t work, you can see the tube here)
After the exibition we went to O’Kims for a burger (with a DILL pickle – it was amazing!) and some tasty microbrew, John and I hit the kimchi museum.  It was definitely worth the $3 we paid to get in.


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