Bye Brittstick!

This has been long overdue, but I usually deal with things I don’t like by pretending that they aren’t happening.  Like friends leaving the country.
Brittany is home safe in Maine, which is great for her but not cool for me.  I miss you lots, Brittstick!
I also think the world needs to know that Brittany’s last word in Korea was "Scrotum".  How could you not love her to death??

One response to “Bye Brittstick!

  1. Did scrotum open "the floor", or was it number three of the morning?? How priceless was Stef\’s reaction?  Did she love it? Ha!  I guess our middle names and our mother\’s first names aren\’t the only things we have in common. 🙂  I also deal with things by pretending they are not happening, like the fact I\’m in Maine and not in Korea with the rest of Team 6.  I miss you and love you to pieces!  mwah!  Thanks again for taking me to the airport, who knows what would have happened if you didn\’t show up that morning…

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