Write Me a "Compare and Contrast" Essay

The kids continually surprise me. Here is Gina’s essay.  What a nut… I love this kid! She would be aged 9 back home.
<<Devils vs. Angels>>
I will compare and contrast Devils and Angles. Angels and Devils have different things. They are mostly opposite but not all. They have some same things too.
Angels live in Heaven. In Heaven there are clouds, God, and more angels. Devils live in Hell. In Hell there is fire, lava, and dark things.  Similarities between Heaven and Hell include there being things that we can’t touch.
The Devil’s nature is evil, hurtful, and harmful. They are very bad to people. The Angel’s nature is virtuous (that means good) and they are helpful to people. If there were no Angels people would think bad things more than good things.  There is one nature that is the same, they are both supernatural and have super powers that people don’t have.
Devils are red and dark and they have horns. Angels don’t have horns. Angels look white and bright. They both have wings but an angel’s are white and they have many feathers. Devils’ have red and dark wings and they are rough too.
In conclusion, I think Angels are better than Devils and I could compare these two things. But sometimes we need a bad mind to win but to win fair.

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