Kindergarten Song List

Holy macaroni, have I ever been bad about blogging again. I don’t even have a viable excuse. Unless you count life being extremely uneventful lately.
Work has been busy with Level Tests, Evaluations, Graduation, and general chaos. I’m raising the Terror Alert Level to "Shit Storm". Again.
I’m done the Evals. The tests are half-marked. My kids know the grad song ("So Long, Farewell" from "Sound of Music". Which I already hate.) So things should be good. But I don’t know what my new classes will be. The new teachers aren’t here yet. They don’t have enough teachers for the other school yet, and are really, really keen on hiring some girls (and also willing to over-pay for girls – if you know a chick with a degree who would like to kick some ass in Asia for a year).  So, things are still pretty crazy.
So, between that and my extreme laziness, I haven’t been blogging. Sorry.
A couple of weeks ago, Brooke, Amelia and I went to the RMT for wings and beers on a Thursday night. It was glorious. While we were there, the girls and I made up a list of songs to teach my kindergarten class this next year (well, for the March – September period of time that I will have them).  We were ridiculous. And because I am afraid I am going to lose the bar napkin (bad sign) that we wrote them down on – I’m going to toss the list down here. 
The Oscar Mayer Weiner Song
Fresh Prince theme
Fraggle Rock theme
Saved by the Bell theme
Polka Dot Door theme (you have to be a Canuck to know this one)
Happy Days theme
Blue Berry Hill
Under the Sea (which Amelia spelled "Under the See".  She’s delayed.)
I Just Can’t Wait to Be King (Lion King)
Buddy Holly (Weezer)
Yakety Yak (Don’t Talk Back)
Johnny B. Goode
Flinstones commercial jingle
Toys R Us commercial jingle
Chantilly Lace
Iko Iko (turns out that is what that song is actually called. Wierd.)
Yellow Submarine
Octopus’ Garden
The Unicorn Song
Puff the Magic Dragon
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Amelia swears there is a "clean" version)
Army Song (I know what this is)
Corner Master’s Store
"RoomBsom" (What the HELL Amelia???)
Never Ending Song
Duck Tales theme
Oo-ee-oo-oo-ah! (Actually known as "The Witch Doctor" but we couldn’t remember)
Monkey Song from the Jungle Book ("I Wanna Be Like You")
Bear Necessities (also Jungle Book)
Greese (we figure some sort of "melody" of the songs. Yikes.)
Monkees theme
Robin Hood and L’il John
Ice Ice Baby (oh yah!)
Running Man (I don’t think this is a song. We just wanted to remember that they would also need to learn how to dance…)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
ABBA (apparently either "any" or "all" ABBA songs. Yikes.)
Minipops (for inspiration)
The Chipmunks (for further inspiration because clearly this effing list isn’t long enough for 7 months of teaching yet)
Sugar Sugar (hooray, The Archies!)
The Gambler
Save a Horse (I seriously hope Amelia was kidding)
Drunken Sailor
Cheers theme
Wish me luck!  I will soon post videos of the kids singing "Happy Xmas" and "Wonderwall". They really will learn anything you want them to… if you want them to badly enough!

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