The Snailiest Mail

I recieved a letter from my step-mom Gerry yesterday, which was a HUGE surprise.  I’ve only recieved a few letters here (all from Jeanine), so it was pretty cool to get a handwritten letter.  Even cooler, it arrived by dogsled.
Obviously, not all the way.
Here’s the scoop:
"You have just received a very special envelope CARRIED BY DOGTEAM over the Gold Rush Trail from Quesnel to Barkerville to Wells British Coloumbia. At Wells the mail was unloaded from the dogsleds and placed into the regular postal system and then delivered throughout the world to the final destinations. Last year over 1960 envelopes were delivered to 9 provinces, 3 territories, 20 American states, and 20 other countries. En route from Quesnel to Wells, the sled dog teams (along with skiers, skijorers, snowshoers and snowmobilers) actually travelled over much fo the Cariboo Waggon Road which was built in the early 1860’s to facilitate access to the gold in Barkerville on Williams Creek and triggering what became known as the Cariboo Gold Rush. As the dog teams made their way over this route, they passed through the locations of seven existing or former post offices, including Quesnel (Quesnelle, Quesnelmouth), Cottonwood House, Stanley, Van Winkle, Richfield, Barkerville, and Wells. In addition the route passed through the sites of several other former gold rush settlements including Pine Grove House, Beaver Pass House, Marystwon and Camerontown."
SWEET!  Thanks Gerry! I bet I’m the first Canadian (or even "first person") to ever receive a letter via dogsled in Seoul, South Korea!

2 responses to “The Snailiest Mail

  1. Please tell me I\’m not the only one who didn\’t know what I "skijorer" was.

  2. You are the only one mike…..
    thanks for the link!

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