Thanks Moms!

Hi Moms,
My package with the sweetest shirts ever arrived today.  I’m looking good in my helicopter shirt and the "Chad is Rad" shirt fits Chad.  I really appreciate you sending things like this along… I know what a pain in the arse the post office is.  My favourite thing about routing mail through you (other than "I have no choice" and "I know you will send it promptly") is that when the package arrives I get to see your handwriting. I don’t think it has changed much since I was a kid (if at all).  I like your block letters that you use for labels. When I see the packing slips, you know what I always think of?  Remember when I went to Brownie Camp* and had to have all that shite with me?  Remember I had that mess-kit?  I think of that mess-kit with the masking tape labels with my name on them all in your block-letters.  I had that things for YEARS (as in, all the way through University) and those labels never came off. You are the best moms ever.
I miss you!
Loves,j. xo.
*for the rest of you reading the blog:  Yes, I was a Brownie.  In fact, I was a "Pixie" and a "Sprite". I made things with popsicle sticks and earned my badges. Ya wanna make something of it?

4 responses to “Thanks Moms!

  1. If I remember correctly (as I was a pixie too)
    We\’re the Pixies
    Glad and gay
    helping others

  2. Dude, YOU may have been "glad and gay" but our song went
    Look out we\’re the jolly Pixies
    Helping people when in fixies!
    The Sprite song was better…
    Here we come the spritely Sprites,
    Brave and helpful like the knights!

  3. You are both gay.  That makes me glad.

  4. my mistake…. the fairy\’s were the gay ones (never wanted to be a fairy)
    Upon reflection I was actually an IMP, same for both years (usually you change after every year, but in my pack IMPS RULED!)
    We\’re the ever helpful Imps,Quick and quiet as any shrimps

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