Happy Birthday Brendan!!

(insert "go birthday yourself joke" here)
This weekend – this ENTIRE weekend (apparently) – was Brendan’s birthday.  And it was fun. So much fun that the earth moved (4.8 on the Richter Scale, and, I’ve been told, the largest earthquake* Korea has had since the ’50’s). In fact, it was so much fun that you would think I would have more pictures. Well, I don’t. So settle down. I was too busy drinking beers.  Sweet, sweet, microbrewed beers.
For more details on this event or others involving Brendan, please visit his website at I’m a dillhole even if it IS my birthday dot com.
For sweet pics go to flickr.
And Brendan… if you were impressed with those lousy mugs… wait until "The Package" arrives. Um, IF it arrives.
*This occurred at exactly 8:56pm when I slipped down the stairs as we exited Platnum. And you jerks thought I was drunk.**
**Which I wasn’t.***

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Brendan!!

  1. I don\’t understand how you manage to suck and rule at the same time.

  2. Wait, I\’ve got.  Your suckiness makes me laugh, which makes you rule.

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