Ten Years Ago vs. Now

Got this one from Stefanie. I should go to bed.
10 Years ago…..

1. How old were you?


2. Kids?


3. Where did you live?

–I think I was still living with Scott in my Dad’s basement suite in Quesnel.

4. Where did you work?

— I would have been selling insurance at Archibald, Clarke, and Defieux when I wasn’t going to school at CNC.

5. Where did you hang out?

— I don’t really remember hanging out any where right then (if I was still in Quesnel). Life was pretty much rut-tastic at that time.

6. Who was your best friend?

— Scott.

7. How was your hair style?

— Down to my ass long.

8. Did you wear glasses?

— Yes, but I usually had my contacts in.

9. Who was your regular-person crush?

— Scott

10. How many tattoos did you have?

— Zero

11. How many piercings did you have?

— Two – one in each ear

12. What car did you drive?

— It was Scott’s car and I don’t remember what it was. It was maroon though and had four doors.

13. What was your biggest fear?

— That the life I was living was going to be the best it would get.

14. Had you smoked a cigarette yet?

— Yes.

15. Had you been arrested?

— No.

16. Had your heart broken?

— Yes.

17. Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter?

— Living common-law and exceptionally bitter.



1. How old are you?

— 30

2. Where do you work?

— Teaching Kindergarten at LCI Kid’s Club

3. Where do you live?

— In South Korea

4. Kids?

— Zero

5. Where do you hang out?

— At the RMT in Seoul… at the Beer Hunter near my house… in my house… at Brittany and Stefanie’s house

6. What is your hairstyle?

— Just past my ears and I just cut it so I have bangs now.

7. Do you wear glasses?

— Nope. Lasik eye surgery.

8. Who is your best friend?

— Top billing goes to my moms, Mike, and Carey. But there are a lot of people who I would list as "the most kick-ass friends ever".

9. Who is your regular-person crush?

— Dudes, this is the sort of shite I wouldn’t tell even the best friend list above. However, right now I’m not crushing on any "regular" persons.

10. How many tattoos?

— One

11. How many piercings do you have?

— Currently 5.

12. What kind of car do you have?

— Nothing. Hooray!

13. What is your biggest fear?

— Being drugged and sold into white slavery while travelling

14. Have you smoked a cigarette?

— Yes.

15. Have you been arrested since?

— No.

16. Has your heart been broken?

— Yes.

17. Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter?

— Single

3 responses to “Ten Years Ago vs. Now

  1. 7. Do you wear glasses?– Nope. Lasik eye surgery.You trying to be ironic or just not aware that two posts ago you are clearly visible in a photo WEARING GLASSES?ps. yes, I know you don\’t "need" glasses after the surgery.

  2. pps. this is the kind of thing best friends are for, right?

  3. If I ever write a book I\’ll make you the editor, Columbo. 
    I only wear glasses as my alter-ego.  Ergo, I don\’t consider "me" to be the one wearing the classes – "Mia" is. You dig?  My answer stands.
    Don\’t you have anything better to do with your time off??

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