Happy Birthday, Amelia

And I mean that in all possible ways!
Ameliar’s birthday was on January 12th. It was her choice to go out drinking and dancing. Part of the proceeding sentence doesn’t make any sense if you know Amelia. I think that even with Su’s explanation for why she wanted a shot of Ginger Ale… the guys at the RMT are still baffled. I’m still baffled as to why they would ever think that I’m the Morbid one. Weird.
I posted the pictures of the evening on Flickr for everyone’s enjoyment.
Note to self:  Do not leave my camera around where Brendan might get his hands on it.  Sigh.
Note to Amelia:  I love you, Ameliar! I hope you had fun on your birthday and that you have a wonderful year. You’re the bestest, my little metal monkey!

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