Looking for Work? Or Know Someone Who Is?

Alright. I told work I would ask people I knew if they wanted to work in Korea. But I can’t be fussed to send out an email to everyone on my contact’s list because… well, because most of the people I know have freaking jobs. But MAYBE some of you guys might know people who aren’t happy in their jobs and would like a change. Or people who aren’t working but want to. Or something.
Here’s the deal – to work in Korea all you need is a University Degree. That’s it. And to be perfectly honest, working here has freaking rocked. Easily the best (and easiest!) job I have had to date.  Now, granted, there are bad days. There are terrible days. There are some days that are complete and utter shit-shows. However, there aren’t as many as I used to have in my old job. And there are also great days.
The work would be with the school I am at – LCI Kids Club in either Suji, Yongin or nearby (25 minutes walking from the old school) at the new school. The school is really reliable – the bosses are reasonable and you are always paid fully and on-time. The other people working here are pretty cool.
The pay is average for Korea but better than most places would pay for entry-level back home. I believe most people here get approximately 2.0 million won per month (as of today, that would be $2488.88CAD) plus overtime. Your housing is provided. All you pay is utilities (depending on what you have… ie: internet or not – they are usually less than $100 per month) and tax (4.5%).  It is good money, people! And keep in mind, things here (like food, booze, cigarettes, etc) are really cheap. (Actually, most sinful things here are really cheap. If you are into that sort of thing. Because I’m not. Beer is $2 a pint.)
The work is pretty easy, and I find it rather fullfilling. I dig teaching kids shit like how to read and stuff. (Currently "stuff" includes teaching my kindergarten class how to sing "Wonderwall" by Oasis. Or to harrass Keesie-Teacher with a round of "Go Canucks Go". I do a lot of stuff for my own enjoyment.)  It IS kindergarten, but you can’t think of kindergarten like it would be back home. I do book-work all day (when it isn’t playtime, that is). The kids in the afternoon are in grades 1 to 3. And they freaking LOVE you. I feel like a rock-star each and every day. I’m very popular amongst the seven-year-old set (sigh… why couldn’t it be 22 – 30 year old boys??). I doubt I will ever have a job where I’m greeted so enthusiastically each morning. Or get so many hugs.
On average, you would teach 10am until 7pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 10am until 5:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday, if you have a full schedule. It may be less than that.
For me, the job itself isn’t the best part of being here. So far, the travelling has been the best part. I’ve now been to Thailand (technically  three times!), Hong Kong, Cambodia, China, and Malaysia. I’m going to Japan in the spring, and have yet another trip planned for the summer (either Tibet or Vietnam/Laos depending on cost).
I’ve also met some really great people here; some that I know I will consider good friends for a lifetime even though I may have only known them for 12 months (I’m not talking about you Brendan!) or less (I will try my best to be at your wedding, Orla and Joe!! Loves!). I often think about how cool it is that we now know each other as we would have never met if we hadn’t all been here (Alright… maybe I AM talking about you Brendan.  But also the rest of Team Six. And Lord Ameliar.)
Holy crap, where was I?? Oh yah! So, anyway, it is a pretty good gig and if you are looking for something different to do I highly recommend it. If you know someone else who might be interested in an opportunity like this, well, heck. I would highly recommend it to them too.  However, please remember that I’m going to have to work with these people so NO WANKERS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Thank you.
Seriously, if you are interested or have more questions, you can email me at drolligaffin@hotmail.com.

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