Dirty Dancing

I watched Dirty Dancing tonight for the first time in years. The first time I saw it I was in grade five. How old is that? Ten or eleven years old?  Anyway, I think it may have adversely effected what I want out of relationships. No, seriously.
Do you remember the movie? Basically, it is about forbidden summer love. Patrick Swayze (Johnny) is a dance instructor at a resort that Jennifer Grey’s character (Baby) and her family stay at for the summer. This and that happens, Johnny’s partner can’t dance in a big show, so he and Baby do the act together. And of course they fall madly in love and have an intense summer thing. And of course it is all covert and misunderstood and stuff. And I used to really want to be Baby in that movie – I thought she was so lucky. Not because I wanted to be Jennifer Grey (I didn’t like her hair but I really wanted to wear white jean capris and have a tan). And not because Swayze is incredibly hot… I think he’s kind of a dork now (I did then too – and he was too old for me at the time. When I pictured myself in the role of Baby, the role of Johnny was being played by River Phoenix. I don’t think he was a dancer – he seemed far too cool to be a dancer – but he was certainly hot and persumably young enough to want to go for the 10-year-old me) but I did want the relationship that they were having.
The problem therein is that I think I’m still looking for that sort of situation in relationships… to fall in love instantaneously and have it be intense and full of drama. I wasn’t interested in a nice, long-lasting, secure, and stable relationship – I wanted to dance with someone I wasn’t allowed to see and in a place I wasn’t allowed to be. Preferably with neither of us wearing a shirt, while it rained warmly outside, and with the perfect soundtrack playing on the record-player. I still want that.
When I was 10 I didn’t really think about what would happen after the summer ended, and I honestly don’t think I think about it now at 30. I’m retarded. And because of how Dirty Dancing has effected my life, I’m definitely going to grow old alone, have too many cats, and live in a basement suite.

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