Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Oh boy… this happened a LONG time ago but I kept forgetting to write about it. Funniest thing to happen in class ever. I freaking LOVE these kids some days!
In my 5:30 class one of the boys had stopped coming to LCI. His name is Robbie. He was a decent student (I thought) and although a bit strange, no worse than any of the others. The only thing was that Robbie had some sort of sty or something on his eye. It looked pretty gross but not extremely gross. Gross enough that I did worry about it being contageous. I mean, I don’t want a freaking sty.
Anyhoo – he wasn’t at LCI anymore and in my debate class (which he had also attended), the kids were talking about him. Well, to my surprise, the other kids hated Robbie. Apparently he was a bit of a bully and he used to cheat on tests (news to me… I never caught him at it). So the kids were all bad-mouthing him. I let it go for a little while, as at least they were "expressing their ideas in English".  Rock on. But after a bit I told them to cool it… it wasn’t very nice and anyway – we didn’t have to see him anymore.  To which Sarah (she rocks) replied, "Oh yah, YOU guys don’t have to see him. But he goes to my elementary school. I have to see him every day. Makes me wish I was blind."
I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. It was the funniest thing ever said by one of my students. Until Minnie turned to Sarah and matter-of-factly remarked, "Hey, if you were blind you could have a dog!"

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