Happy New Year

You want to remember what happened over the course of the night?  Take notes on a bar napkin!
Amelia and I went to the RMT for New Years and it was a great amount of fun… mostly because of each other. We probably could have been anywhere. Here is the list of things that we thought necissary to remember.
1. I’m going to name my first born daughter Amelia.
Best pick up line ever. Didn’t work.
2. I get that all the time. I blame it on the weiner.
Amelia said this. I’m not going to tell you why.
3. Prince charming cheap drink.
Amelia and I were sitting at the bar, right where everyone was coming up to order. This one guy walks up, turns to us and says, "What’s a really cheap drink that a girl would like?"  Way to go, Romeo.
4. Amelia’s effort 4 Jodi: Polka dot long johns.
5. Fiery cock.
Okay, number five baffled me a little… but now I remember what we were talking about. Amelia is a fire sign born in the year of the Rooster… thus a "Fiery Cock".  We decided that "Amelia" is latin for an ancient VD.
6. Hiedi (Cal) – "Canada? I’ve heard of that!"
True story. Who let’s the yanks into our bar anyway???
Heidi – Do what U Want to… Shit fuck bitch!  010-8-55309
Heidi added to our notes when she saw what we are doing. And then an absolutely turbo-tastic guy added this note:
It is more dangerous to be a teaher then a soldier.
When he realized that we were laughing at him, and explained that he had spelled teacher incorrectly, he looked at it again and said, "Yes, I did. There’s another T in there… isn’t there?"
This is why he’s in the military and not a teacher. True story.
Well, that was my New Year’s Eve in a nutshell. Thanks Ameliar!

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