This Doesn't Mean I'll Trust You Next Time, Green!

Yesterday I received a text message from Brendan that simply said that he needed my mailing address in Korea. Now, I don’t trust him with information like that. I’m a little uneasy that he has my number. So I texted him back to ask why. Adding to my distrust, he wouldn’t tell me why. Further, he told me it was "too late".  What the hell could he possibly be up to?
I found out today.
There was an envelope from Brendan at the front desk. This must have been delivered literally overnight, which is crazy. I know that the country isn’t that big, but the traffic is really bad so I thought it would take longer than that. Anyhoo, I was still a little nervous about opening it at work. Now, I don’t know what I THOUGHT could have been in there, but I would have never, in a thousand years, guessed what was in there.
Brendan’s sweet mother sent me a Christmas card and a beautiful necklace all the way from Northern Ireland. I still can’t believe it! The card was lovely and a real suprise as I figured Brendan hadn’t told his folks about me. Most people wouldn’t want their mother to know that they are friends with someone like me. I was really pleased.
Now we will see how long it takes Brendan to give me his mom’s address so I can send her a thank you.

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