Orla + Joe = Wee Stars

Today’s mail was full of goodness and love! There was a smooshed looking box all the way from Northern Ireland with lots of love from Joe and Orla. HOORAY!!  You guys are amazing!
I love the necklace (I’m wearing it now, actually) and am really looking forward to the chocolates. Yum!
We put the card for the staff up on the bulletin board and the chocolates and candy canes are on my desk for everyone… we are just fighting to keep the kids out of it!
I will remember to get the card to the Master for you, Orla!
And just so you know, Joe… there were some cracks made about the package being from "Joe and Orla" since most of it was in Orla’s handwriting. But it was your name on the packing slip so I let everyone know you were fully involved too.
I miss you both so much! LCI and Korea just aren’t the same without the two of you.  I can’t wait until the next time I see you – we will definitely have to drink that bottle of whiskey we always dreamed of.
Much love! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!!!

One response to “Orla + Joe = Wee Stars

  1. Hey Jodi!! Thanks for the lovely message. You are a wee star! * I hope you are having the time of your life in Langkawi. Please be sure to post the photos a.s.a.p. We\’re getting a new super-duper computer for Christmas (well, Joe\’s bringing it back from the States in time for New Year\’s). Either way we will be able to install skype and talk to you at long last. Miss you loads!! I\’m delighted you got the package in time for Christmas! xxxx

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