More Crazy Kid Stuff

This is all from my older kids. I don’t know if I’m delirious from not having vacation yet or if they are actually getting funnier.
Yesterday I took my Writing class to McDonalds for french fries and hot chocolate. I sent the majority of the group upstairs to find seats. Chris stayed with me to help carry the food. There was a little boy in the lineup in front of stuff. He looked at me, smiled, and said something in Korean. I said "hello" back in English and smiled at him. Chris looked at me and said, "Teacher, he said you look like a snowman."  Damned puffy white jacket!  Later, while we were eating, the kids were teasing Jessica for eating a french fry that had supposedly been on the table. Oh no!  The worst culprit for this was Lynn, so I turned to Jesssica and said, "Don’t worry about Jessica. While Lynn wasn’t looking, I put three french fries into her hot chocolate and made hot chocolate and french fry soup."  Sarah turns to me and says, "Teacher, yuck! Please don’t say that while I’m eating!"  The look on her face was priceless.
Today’s class we discussed "killer bees". When asked, "Are you afraid of bees?" Minhyung answered, "I’m not afraid of regular bees, but I’m afraid of serial killer bees."  He is also in my debate class.
When asked what animal might be dangerous if it escaped, Linda answered, "Penguins".
Finally, apparently the Korean word for pollen directly translates to "flower powder".  True story.

One response to “More Crazy Kid Stuff

  1. I have to admit…
    I am afraid of serial killer bees too…
    they are like serial mosquitos in a tent… you can never find them untill you have beat your head in…
    and really , who knows what would happen if penquins discovered there was a whole world out there?
    hmmmmm…. cereal…

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