Pending Vacation

I finally packed (mostly) my bag for my trip to Malaysia (including Miller, Carey!). I feel like this trip is sneaking up on me much the same way that China did. I can’t believe I will be flying out Friday morning. I’m a little nervous, I’m going by myself this time and I’m still not 100% confident when it comes to travelling. I’m still pretty new at it. I know everything will be fine and I’ll have a good time, but I still worry.
Langkawi in 4 sleeps.
Festival in 3 sleeps.
Monica’s birthday in 2 sleeps (party at LCI).
Festival rehearsal in 1 spleep.
Days left of good night sleeps: zero

2 responses to “Pending Vacation

  1. I understand your worries, you won\’t have me around to sing away any problems.

  2. Miller will keep you safe, that is why I gave him to you…
    He helped us escape death, remember?

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