Maybe They DO Have Too Much to Do…

Each day the little monkeys have to memorize "Target Language" which is usually a bunch of balls. Case in point, yesterday’s Target Language was "What was the weather like yesterday?  It was foggy yesterday."  I mean, really.  What’s the point?  And that was a good one.  I really enjoyed making them memorize this one:  "Do you know any animal fun facts? Angry monkeys show all their teeth."  Anyway, when we have to start on the new one (so, daily), I write the question part on the board and let them think of their own answers before writing up the "real" answer that they are going to have to memorize.  Today’s question was, "What do you do in the summer?"
Right away Ryan S. said, "I DO my HOMEWORK!" and got every one of the kids laughing their nuts off. I think they can’t wait for vacation. And neither can I… as long as we can all just hold it together for one more week, it will all be good.

One response to “Maybe They DO Have Too Much to Do…

  1. First of all, I know what you mean, and I agree.Secondly, everytime I click into your blog, I think I\’ve opened mine by accident!  I almost can\’t wait for Christmas to pass so we can revert to our own colours!

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