If a Thousand Monkeys Sat and Wrote for a Thousand Years…

I was actually cleaning up around here when I came across something from November that I had meant to blog about but lost. On the last Level Test for 4:00 (9 Korean years old), I got a couple of good answers to the writing portion of the test. I did not make up the question, which was:
Write the Story about "Your School life"  Why do you like your school?  and what is your favorite subject?  (math, english, gym ..etc) about your Home room Teacher and friends…
My grammar is going to shite, but not THAT badly. Anyhoo… I really liked a portion of Sally’s answer:
My teacher’s name is Jodi T.  She is a little scary but she is also a good English teacher.
Cheers Sally!  If you are wondering about the "T", the Koreans think that my surname is "Teacher". Sigh.
The other great one came from Lily. Here is a good portion of her answer:
I like every subject except songtime. I like singing, but I don’t like playing a triangle, casternets, or a tamberine.  It makes my head hot.
When some boys tease me, I kick them.  They tease me again and run around. I must catch them, because when I don’t kick them, they tease me every day.
HA HA HA! If only you guys could meet Lily… she is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet. I was really surprised when she wrote about kicking boys as she is so quiet and well-behaved. Shows I know nothing. Then again, maybe she is only well-behaved in my class because I am so "scary".  You never know.
Finally, I was marking the "My Diary" entries today for my Kindergarten class. The topic today was "Winter Vacation" and Jason had a really great line in his:
I want to go skating and my dad will ride a donkey.
Little dude, I was I was vacationing where you are vacationing!

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