Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah… BATGIRL!

Recently Ameliar has reminded me that friends often enter our lives for "a reason, a season, or a lifetime". And I think that this is true. Of course, there are many times that we are unaware of which heading people fall under at the time we are with them. It is only in hindsight that we realize the purpose people have in our lives.
And then there are people so utterly kick-ass that you know beyond a doubt that they are lifers.  Thus enter: Batgirl.
Carey and I have been friends since grade 11. That’s 1993 (go ahead and insert age joke here). We were close right from the start, and although we are occasionally incommunicado with each other, I have always felt as though we have stayed close.
I got some mail today. I’ve been waiting for mail. I ordered some self-love off the internet (t-shirts you dirty-minded monkeys!) but I was really suprised to get mail from Carey (she is bad about mailing stuff – true story). Suprised and happy.
The return address is from Careybatgirl and it was shipped to Jodi-Wan Kenobi. Here’s the important thing about the envelope… after my name there is a small box with a checkmark in it. I saw that and could have cried. Remember earlier in my blog the "Remember Me: Check" entry?  Well, Carey did.  And it made me happy. So happy.  But what I found INSIDE the envelope…
When we were in grade 11, I wrote and illustrated a children’s book for Carey on lined loose-leaf paper. (Side note: everyone here was oooing and awwing over the paper – we don’t have loose-leaf here).  The story was about her and I.  Now, my recollection of the time is hazy (stupid mind-altering substances!) but I believe I wrote it because Carey was feeling sad and I wanted her to be happy.  So it blows my mind that she has not only kept the book, but then thought to send it to me at a time when I needed to feel happier. And I hope she doesn’t mind, but I would like to share our story here. Although really, it ain’t the same without the fabulous illustrations….
A Tale of Two Friends
One day there was a frog named Kermit. She was very unhappy.  She had lost all her happy thoughts and forgotten how to fly.
On the same day, but in a different spot, there was an unflying piece of broccly. Broccly was even wilting a bit.
The sun wouldn’t shine, and mean clouds ate the happy clouds.  It rained and rained.
Then, one day, Broccly went for a ride.  She was still sad.
At Broccly’s new school, she met Kermit.  They were starting a friendship.
There were other friends, but Broccly and Kermit clicked the best.  Everyone else was just too wierd.
They did everything together. Even avoided death.  The expirience bonded them.
Not long after, they both found their happy thoughts. They found their wings and learned to fly.  And the mean clouds died.
Kermit and Broccly were friends for life.  And they lived happily ever after.
Carey! I can’t believe you have kept this damned thing for THIRTEEN YEARS!  I nearly cried when I saw it (but didn’t ’cause I was in public and all like, tough, and stuff.  And stuff.)  and then I laughed.
Thank you so much, Carey.  This reminds me that even if a bunch of friends have turned out to be more "seasonal" than I originally gave them credit for… there are people out there that won’t forget me and I will never forget them.  I love you so much.  Thank you!

One response to “Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah… BATGIRL!

  1. Yes, the story is good, but the pictures rock outloud!  You should take pictures of it and post it on flicr
    I heart you.

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