Strange Times

I’ve been having a strange week. Something has happened that keeps invading my thoughts, drawing my attention back towards it no matter what situation I am in. I guess I don’t have much choice other than to just tell the story, but it really won’t do justice to how I’m feeling.
I’m not doing Tae Kwon Do right now. My Master is in jail.
Apparently, here is the story:  My Master was driving home his students after class, and he struck and killed a child with his van.
He has to spend 40 days in jail.
His baby was born two weeks ago.
He will miss his baby’s first Christmas.
This breaks my heart. He is one of the nicest men I have ever met. He has a good heart. And this tragedy enters his life. And I know how much it is going to hurt him, because he is a good person. And he has to spend 40 days in jail. For the next 40 days, and for the rest of his life, he is going to have to replay that moment over and over in his mind.
I’m not saying that I don’t feel for the family who has lost their child; I do. But I know my Master and I feel absolutely sick about what he and his family must be going through.
And it reminds me that no matter how you live your life… no matter how good you try to be… no matter how well you treat others… in a heartbeat your entire life can be altered by an accident over which you have no control. Life is brutal that way. You can’t possibly see or know what the future holds for you.
And really, if this is what your future held… would you want to know?

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