Remember Me: Check

When I log into Myspace, there is a place for me to check that says "Remember me". Wouldn’t it be nice if that would work in real life? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about passing into obscurity with people… you would just check the box beside "Remember me" and you would never be forgotten.
With how long I’ve been gone from home now, and how quickly the people I meet here are passing out of my life again, I wonder how remembered I am by the people I’ve come in contact with. Because most of them aren’t still IN contact. I realize that could be due to the fact that many people (myself included) aren’t always very good about keeping in contact. But I can’t help but wonder if I was gone completely, how remembered would I be?  And for what?

3 responses to “Remember Me: Check

  1. I remember Jodi!!!!!  For her saarcastic wit, charm, alcohol tolerance, fun nature, movie trivia, korean goodtimes, squirrls, and love hate relationship with monkeys 🙂  I remember jodi for a lot of things, things too good to ever forget.  *TING!  Miss ya girl

  2. In reading that, I was reminded of a scene from The Bourne Identity.  (We all know, and now, thanks to your blog, the whole world knows, how I feel about Jason Bourne.)  He\’s just got back to his apt. in Paris.  He\’s sitting in the car with Marie, and when he asks her to wait there for him she says no, because he might forget her.  He replies "How can I forget you?  You\’re the only person I know."You might not be the only person I know, but you know me better than anyone else here, and I hope you know how much your friendship (for I like to think that\’s what it is, and not the usual Korean passing acquaintance) means to me.I won\’t forget you, Birthday Face.

  3. You said something on the phone last night and I really meant to write it down.  But I didn\’t, because I\’m  not you.  Now I can\’t remember what it was.  Sake.  It was something about the nature of life as a teacher in Korea, and the way time passes.  Wow, even describing it sounds deep.

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