Saturday and Sunday

You know what?  I realize that I’m all over the place with my blogging tonight, but I just found my notes. Yup. I take notes.
I stood on the bus in 3 inch heels for over an hour to get into Itaewon on Saturday. I was so relieved to finally get off the bus and into a cab. And then the cab smelled like sausage. Sigh. All that just for breakfast?
I met Brendan and Brittany at the RMT and spent the day with them. Two highly ridiculous things were said over the course of Saturday. First, Brendan asked Brittany if there was a "Rapid, Maine" (note: Brittany is from Maine but we still love her). Brittany wasn’t sure what he had said and asked him to repeat it. Ever helpful, Brendan repeated "Rapid" and then even went so far as to spell it for her… "Rapid… R.A.P.E.D."  Brittany is pretty sure that there isn’t a place called "Raped, Maine".  I’m pretty sure Brendan is officially delayed.
The second ridiculous thing was that a boy at the bar told Brittany that she smelled "like Taco Bell" and then he didn’t understand why she was insulted by this. Note to boys: Girls don’t like being told they smell like a shitty Mexican fast-food joint. True story.
On Sunday I saw the movie "The Prestige".  I liked it. Now I’m waiting for 7/4/7 to watch Transformers. I’m already excited.

3 responses to “Saturday and Sunday

  1. Since WHEN did you start wearing 3 inch heels???  slut….

  2. Knee-high black boots with 3 inch heels and a skirt, to be exact. I have to dress like a damned kindergarten teacher all week. What do you expect me to dress like on the weekend?

  3. Ha!  She\’s got your number!And, in my Donal Rumsfeld, I was sick.

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