Money Problems

Each vacation, I send home some of the currency from the country I visited for my Harvey. My moms emailed me and asked for the conversions. Here’s the list…
1 Canadian dollar is approximately equal to:

831 Korean Won
32 Thai Baht
3782 Cambodian Riel
7 Chinese Yuan Renminbi
3 Malaysian Ringgits (Christmas this year)
104 Japanese Yen (January 2007)
14, 286 Vietnamese Dong (current plan for Summer 2007)

No wonder I spend so much damned money on vacation. I can’t figure out how much I’m actually spending…

2 responses to “Money Problems

  1. What\’s a Harvey?

  2. A Harvey is the guy that your moms marries and does dad-stuff and is a great person. He may not be the dad that you were born with, but "step-dad" isn\’t really a good enough title for him either.

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