Class Picture Day

So… today was class picture day. It was a shit show. I wasn’t surprised. I was also not surprised that it took the entire flipping day and yet we somehow should have done a full lesson. Not. bloody. possible.
I took pictures of the kids because it was ridiculous. They had four "shoots". First, they all had to wear these goofy-assed dresses and dress coats. What drove me nuts is that the girls had to hold a basket of damned flowers and the boys held a mock-book by Charles Darwin. GO BIRTHDAY YOURSELF, PHOTOGRAPHY COMPANY!  Here’s news: the girls in my class are SMARTER than the boys. DAMN DAMN DAMN!  Next, they had to go to the library for a "normal clothes" shot. Then to the class room for "learning" shots. Then back into the gym in a cap and gown. Bah?
But here was the weirdest thing. Doing class picture day with the kids reminded me of doing class pictures when I was a kid. And then I realized the weirdest thing:  now I’m the teacher on class picture day.
Weird, eh?

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