Here’s the truth: I’m probably going to have to go back to blogging during the week. ‘Cause when I don’t, I foget shit. And I’ve been online a lot anyway, so I might as well blog too.
First things first: Halloween.
I wasn’t going to go out on Saturday. I wasn’t. I didn’t have a costume. I hate the slut-scene that is the bar. But… but… well, I was already out. And then I met up with Team Six. I saw a palace. I ended up back in Itaewon. And things went downhill from there. And I’m happy that I did go out… it was a lot of fun. But because I didn’t blog about this earlier, I forget a lot of the details of what happened. There are some pictures on Flickr to sum up what happened that night. I do want to say thanks to Autumn Brown (the Illegal English Tutor), Kate Campbell (the "Canadian"), "Mr. Carlisle" (The White Slave Trader), and House the Gay Pirate (ummm… that one is self-explanatory, really) for a good night from Mia Doucette, aka. Captain Turbotastic. Because if you can’t be fussed to put on a costume, at least you can be Turbotastic. True story.
Halloween at the school was lots of fun (and extremely exhausting!). I will have pictures up soon. I was pleased to win second place for Best Decorated Classroom, and first for the Best Seven-Year Old Song (note: I’m making it look more impressive than it is by using capital letters). I will post my kids singing on Youtube, if you want to have a gander. It isn’t great… but it is great for seven-year-olds singing in a foreign language. And I’m pretty proud of the little bastards.
I’m forgetting SO many things. But, in the meantime, here is a message I received recently on myspace:

It give me a great pleassure to contact you after viewing your profile which interest me in having communication with you so that we can get to know each other and see what happens if you will have the desire with me.  Take care of your self and i wish you happy day , and hope to hear back from you even if its to say sorry not interested

Not bad, you say? Not as bad as the others?? Oh dear. This one was from a user named "majical" and his picture features him in assless chaps.
That’s right, partners. I said "assless chaps".  HOT!
I’m too in need of beers right now to blog more than this. I’ll try to go back to being more consistant.

4 responses to “Confessions

  1. I\’m glad the internet-fasting didn\’t last.

  2. I\’m weak.

  3. WHY are you wearing glasses??? didn\’t you spend 3,000,000 kwan to get that fixed???

  4. My eyes ARE fixed. Now glasses are an accessory to make me look smrt.  Oops! Ha ha! I meant "smrter".

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