I’ve decided that I spend too much time in front of my computer, doing one thing or another. (Or, more truthfully, doing nothing most of the time). I need an intervention. And as I cannot handle the irony of an online center for internet addiction, I’m cutting myself off. I expect it to be painful. I expect to be even more grumpy and irritable than usual. But hopefully, I will finally finish Nietzsche and get some freaking sleep. Because once again… I’m not sleeping. Or at least, not much. Maybe a few hours a night, and not in a row. This is extremely painful when you get up in the morning and deal with six-year-olds.
So, after this week… the computer is only available to me on Tuesdays and Thursdays and on the weekends (except Sunday after 6pm). And Tuesdays and Thursdays are for checking emails only. So blogging and pictures will have to wait until Saturday. I know, I know… this hardly seems fair to you guys – now you will have to wait until the weekend to enjoy my wit (ha!). But it needs to be done. I feel like I’m wasting my life away with this stupid PC on my lap. And, I suppose… I am.
That said, I have some blogging to do right now. Because I want to enjoy my last week of computer freedom before I gear myself up to not use my computer anymore. (By the way, I’m already worried about this…)
Robbie is in my 5:30 class. He is pretty freaking funny for a 10 year old. Last Friday, he said two things that cracked me right up. First, he started ad-libbing during his presentation. They had to write a story in which they had to use the line "I told you NOT to push that button!" somewhere. Well, after reading the line "… the devil could come out…" Robbie paused for effect and when no one reacted he went "ooooooo" in his best "spooky voice" and raised his eyebrows at us. That got a laugh. Later in his presentation, when he again did not get the reaction he was looking for, he quipped, "can you guys understand me out there?"
After presentations, this kid got me again. I asked Linda what her Korea name is. Before she could answer, Robbie broke in and said "IM SO CRAY – ZEE" in a way that made it almost sound like a Korea word. I nearly peed my pants.
Friday night we went out with the Tae Kwon Do crew to say goodbye to Owen. First we went for dinner. Now, when you go for galbi, there is this really excellent sauce that Brooke and I both admit having an addiction to. And it was on the other side of the table. Well, I swiped it for us, but McCann and Ken noticed what I had done. Balls! Brooke made fun of me, but I told her that if she had been singing some danger music – say, the Mission Impossible theme – I would have gotten away with it. Not long into dinner, we ran out of sauce (addicted). In the meantime, the boys had acquired more sauce, but weren’t even half through with it. I decided to swap the dishes. But I wasn’t going to do it without Brooke’s help. So I asked to to hum some danger music for me. You know what she started singing? The music that plays in Super Mario 1 when you are in the dungeons. I heart Brooke!
The other great thing is that when Brendan (not Brendan, Brendan… Brendan in Suji, Brendan) took a picture of the group at dinner, our Master turned to him and said, "Stalker!"  HA HA HA! Where does he pick these things up???
After dinner we went to a pub called "Loss Time". In the girl’s bathroom there is a sign. It reads, "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unseachable things you do not know.  – Jeremiah 33:3" I wonder if it is supposed to be along the lines of the signs you see in Walmart bathrooms that say "If this washroom is not up to your standards, please let the dayshift manager know and we will do everything to right your complaint".  I dunno.
I had to drag myself out of bed to make it to the RMT by 3:00 to have breakfast. Bad sign. But good breakfast. I was reading my book and as I read and came across this:
"And let that day be lost to us on which we did not dance once! And let that wisdom be false to us that brought no laughter with it!"
Well done, Nietzsche! Now I have gotten two things so far out of reading your book… this quote and the ability to correctly spell your name. Ace.
Brendan (Brendan, Brendan) met me around 4:00 once he had finished dicking around with his phone. We played Trivial Pursuit… and I’m amazed to say that I won. It isn’t that Brendan is a formidable opponent (ha!) – but because I never win at TP! NEVER! I get screwed with the world’s most obscure questions. But not this time, baby! And if you know Brendan… he is going to claim that the only reason I won was because it was Canadian Trivial Pursuit. But as I know nothing about Canadian history or politics, I think that’s bollocks. And I did get the Sports pie piece for the correct answer of "Cricket", which isn’t a Canadian flipping sport as far as I know. I think he is being a bad sport about it ’cause after I won I made a public announcement and gave myself a "self high-five". It was fun a fun afternoon. (For me).
On Sunday I ventured out into Seoul and bought a new camera (thanks for the directions, Sue!). I’m very happy about it… not that my old camera was balls or anything, but this one will be more suited to my needs. Now hopefully I will take some better pictures. After getting the camera, I had the most amazing sushi, got lost on the subway (I’m completely delayed at navigating the subway system), and ended up at Coex.  Did some shopping there and headed home, happy but tired.
One of the things I bought was a great book. It is actually a children’s book called "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupery. I’m recommending it to everyone. It is my new most-favourite book. I read the entire book on the bus on the way home. And nearly cried at the end… not so much because it is sad, but because it is so… hmmm… truthful?  I just loved it, okay? And plan to read it more times. You should read it too.
The final thing I did on Sunday is to free my squirrels. Yup. I took them up to the mountain and let them free. I made a promise that if I thought they were unhappy in their house I would let them go. And I honestly think that they were unhappy. Every time I came close to the cage, Jim would cower in his box and Martin would furiously start running on the wheel. Letting them go was hard, because I worry about them. I’m not naive, I know that they may not make it out there. But I’m choosing to not dwell on this thought. Because there is also a possiblity that they will do well, and that is what I want to think about. I’m hoping that they are both happier outside, Martin running up and down trees and Jim burrowing in somewhere and feeling safe. And I would like to think that even if those crazy squirrels don’t make it, at least they will have had their freedom before they met their end. Every living thing deserves at least that much.

4 responses to “Intervention

  1. Boo on the no bloggin idea . .some of us here live our lives through blogaholics as your self, how ever will I survive?   . . Think of your fans gawddammit!!!

  2. oh great, do I have to start a jodiwankenobi fan club now???  I don\’t have time for this jodi, JUST BLOG… lol

  3. PS.  Good Luck Martin and Jim!!! If Racoons can come into my apartment, I am sure you are smarter than that… good luck guys!  I would rather be a squirrel running free in Korea than a careybatgirl sitting on the couch wishing squirrels in Korea good luck

  4. First of all, forget trying not to blog.  You can\’t do it.Second of all, I\’m surprised to hear you let the squirrels go.  I\’m considering getting rid of the lovebirds too, cos the girl isn\’t looking the best; I\’m not sure if she\’s moulting (I\’m kinda sure she shouldn\’t be doing that in the autumn anyway!) or dying.  Either way, her plummage is looking a bit patchy.

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