ANOTHER Stupid Survey??

Yes. YES AND YES. Because nothing interesting is happening in my life right now (except I did go to Emart with Sue and bought a new toilet seat. VERY exciting!)

Type the 1ST thing that comes to mind whenever you hear these 35 words. You can’t think and go back and change your answers. Here we go:

1. Cigarettes:

My moms’ house.

2. Sex:

I believe, and I think the population at large would agree, that I should be having sex more regularly. It would make me a happier person.

3. Relationships:

I will use an analogy to answer this one… sometimes I wish I had a puppy. I think it would be nice to have one to walk and to pet, to cuddle with and to teach cute little tricks. This is the puppy-in-theory. In reality, puppies are poop-machines that wreck your shite and shed all over the place. In theory, I would love to have a puppy. In reality, I really can’t commit to having one right now. Did you understand the analogy here?

4. Your Last Ex:


5. Power Rangers:

I start humming "go go power rangers!" and the worst thing is, I don’t even know if that is their real theme song or if I just made that up for them.

6. Marijuana:

Cambodia and Mr. James.

7. Crack:

I’m watching a TV show right now called "The Wire" and it makes me think of that.

8. Food:

Hot wings and beer. (Beer is a food, right?)

9. This President:

Which President do you mean by "this"? This question is most likely referring to the American President, but I’m more concerned at the moment by the North Korean President. In either case, they are both cuckoo bananas.

10. War:

See number 9, above.


I can’t wait for the new season of 24. I wish I could marry Jack Bauer.

12. Gas prices:

There is no flipping way I would drive in this country.


"This is Halloween" from "A Nightmare before Christmas". My kinder kids are singing it for the Halloween festival, and it plays through my mind constantly, keeping me from sleep…

14. Bon Jovi:

"Ohhhh…. we’re halfway there… OHH OHH… LIVING ON A PRAYER!!!" (Imagine a girl’s night out where we are all drunk on the dance floor and singing this at the top of our lungs).

15. Religion:

Is the opiate of the masses.

16. MySpace:

Also the opiate of the masses. Bet you didn’t see THAT coming, did you Marx?

17. Worst Fear:

Being trapped between floors in an elevator crammed with little children.

18. Marriage:

The theme song from "Married with Children" was the first thing that came to mind, horrifically enough…

19. Fashion:

I don’t believe in fashion.

20. Brunettes:

I think brunettes are usually sassy. Ahem.

21. RedHeads:

Are like brunettes, but a tad less sassy and a tad fierier.

22. Work:

Thank God it is Friday tomorrow…

23: Pass the time:

With stupid online quizzes. I’m the online quiz master this week…

24: One Night Stands:

Yes, please. Can I have more than one?

25: Cell Phone:

Why Cell Phone? Why did you run out of minutes tonight, of all nights? WHY WHY WHY? I NEEDED YOU, DAMN YOU!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!

26: Pet Peeves:

Desperate laughter. When people make fun of how I pronounce words. People from Wisconsin who try to tell me they are from Indiana. Poor service in restaurants. People who narrate movies. Everyone who wasn’t on Team Six in China. People who don’t respect queues. People who call Alberta the "West". Brendan.

27: Pixie Stix:

The scene in "The Breakfast Club" where Ally Sheedy’s character makes her lunch.

28: Vanilla Ice Cream:

I left "Cream" off number 28 and started to dance to "Ice Ice Baby" in my head. I’m delayed.

29: Porta Potties:

They smell better than the toilets in China. I also think of concerts.

30: High School:


31: Pajamas:

I love pajamas and shopping for them and the idea of them. However, I sleep in my underpants. True story.

32. Wood:

Heh heh. You said "wood".

33. Surfers:

I have this idea that all surfers are super hot, which is why I want to move to Australia. But I’m afraid that I will move to Australia and find out that it was all just a glorious, glorious dream.

34. Picture:

I hate having my picture taken. Hate it. But I like taking pictures and I think I’m going to buy a new camera this weekend. EEEEE!!!!

35. First True Love:

Now, is this the first person I loved (I think I was three and his name was Nathan)? Or is this “First True Love” mean whatever it is that I love and put first before all other things? Because if the second meaning is the one we are looking at here… then it might be beer. Or books. Or music. Or myself. Or you baby… you are so money…


One response to “ANOTHER Stupid Survey??

  1. 26)  I can\’t support that.  In fact, I\’m moving to Wisconsin to get away from you.

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