My Space

Okay, so I recently signed up for My Space to heckle Ameliar more often. And I’m getting the strangest emails from people trying to pick me up. They kick ass! So I’ve decided to share them on my blog. Now, the shame of the universe is that I have already deleted some really good ones because I just thought of doing this today. So I’m sorry that some are already gone. Here’s one though, and I’m sure there will be more in the future…
My name is henry. am excited writting to you for the first time am engineer by profession. right now am in malaysia at the moment. My dear it will be my pleasure to know you more as am quite intrested to have you as my good time patner. please my email address is
please my dear do write me to let me know if your intrested,

my regard to your family.


This creeps me out because he wants to be my "good time patner" but is still respectful to my family. Bah?

One response to “My Space

  1. Hey!! you can meet up with Henry this Christmas!! co-incidence? i think not.

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