Delayed in Everland

So today we had a field trip digging up sweet potatoes with the evil monkeys. It was nice to be in the fresh air, even though often (as the kids put it), that air smelled like poo. On the bus on the way back from the farm, I mentioned to Ameliar that going to Everland would be fun. She agreed.
So after work we went to Everland. And we were ridiculous.
Over the course of this evening, I have laughed until I cried exactly five times. The last time was sitting here, looking at the pictures Ameliar took. We were already giddy to begin with… and then we ate too many churros and sausages (mmmm… elongated). Now, most of what was funny can’t even be shared, as you had to be there to understand what was so damned funny. And even then… if you HAD been there we probably would have just annoyed the hell out of you and you wouldn’t have found us funny at all.
It reminded me of having a sleep-over where everyone eats too much sugar and lies awake giggling about the stupidest things. That was us, except we were in a public place. It was most excellent.
Thank you, Ameliar.

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