More Monkey News

Today all the kids came dressed up in their traditional garb. It was lovely. I took a pantsload of pictures, but I’m supposed to be packing for China right now and shouldn’t be effing around on the computer (I know, I know… that’s what I’m doing right now anyway). But when I return I will post all pictures.  For now, here’s some things that happened today that I enjoyed.
First, I was given a Chuseok gift from Esther’s mommy. I know how weird this sounds… but I was given a gift-set of Pine Nuts. That’s right, I said Pine Nuts. It is actually a really nice gift, Pine Nuts (I know it doesn’t need to be capitalized, but something about making it a proper noun is making me want to giggle) are very expensive here. And now I can make pesto sause. What was sweet was the note the mommy wrote – she said that compared to the love and care I show towards her daughter, the gift is very insignificant. Awwww!
Secondly, I was reading my class a book that told the story of the origin of the Chinese New Year. Turns out all my Monkeys are actually Dragons!  I dig this most supreme, as I am a Dragon too. No wonder we are the best class in the school. True story.
Finally, I had all the older kids write me a report about Chuseok for their presentations this week. Most were yawn-tastic, but there was a funny bit in Barbie’s (4:00, age 9) presentation:
"We bow to our ancestors. But people who go to church every Sunday can’t bow because Jesus doesn’t like it."
Well, I’m off to China tomorrow… starting at the ungodly hour of 4:00am (have to take the bus to the airport and make it there by 7:00am). I’m not even excited yet… the idea that I’m going to be in China for a short holiday is so strange I can’t really wrap my head around it. Yowza!
Pine Nuts. Heh heh.

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