Monkey Funnies

A couple of things happened this week in school that made me laugh.
Sometimes right before the bell, if you have the monkeys lined up a wee bit too early, you can play games with them. I often play I-Spy or something like that. However, with my Debate class, sometimes we play Slaps.
You remember this game… one person holds their hands face down over the other player’s hands which are face up. The player with the hands on the bottom tries to slap the other player’s hands. If they miss, you switch positions. I don’t know how we started to play this (probably one of the kids said, "Teacher, do you know this game?"), but they freaking love it. I love that I don’t have to move, they constantly jerk their hands around, afraid of getting slapped and losing the game. It makes me laugh. Anyway, while we were playing on Tuesday, the girl I was playing against wouldn’t hold still, so I wasn’t even trying to slap her hands. Cindy must have gotten tired of this, because she ran over from the other side of the room, slapped the girl’s hand, and ran away again. Now I’m thinking you had to be there, but it was pretty damned funny.
On Wednesday, one of my kids in my four o’clock class sighed and crankily asked, "When are we going to read?"  To which another student replied, "When you shut your mouth."
And finally, Debate class on Thursday. They have been dicking around with which kids are in the class, so it is hard to set up teams. So we are back to doing discussion at the moment. Which allows for a lot of screwing around.  To keep an hour-long story short, during the discussion I ended up explaining the difference between Family Love (how they love Mom and Dad), Friend Love (how they love their friends), and Romantic Love (like when a boy and girl get married). Well, Minhyung had brought in a Disney book in English and asked if I would read one of the stories to them. I agreed. I asked Minhyung to pick out his favourite story and he chose "Robin Hood". So I’m reading along and I get to the part where they explain how Robin Hood and Maid Marian are in love. Gina turns to Minhyung right at this point and says, "So why is this your favourite story, exactly?"  HA HA HA!  It was priceless. And then to top Gina, Minhyung looks at her and says, "Well, I like everything in the story except the Romantic Love part, obviously."
These kids, man. They aren’t always learning the right things… but they’re always learning.

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