Sweet Procrastination

I should be either a: sleeping or b: marking tests. So I’m going to do this autobiographical survey I’m stealing from Shona’s MySpace. Thanks, Shona!

Part 1: 1st

What was your first job?

I started being paid to babysit around 10 or 11 years old. My first "get a pay cheque" job was at McDonald’s when I was 14.

Who was your first prom date?

First of all, we didn’t have proms. The closest thing we had was a school dance (usually a Muchmusic Video Dance Party – ROCK!) and I only had a "date" to one of them… to our grad dance with my friend Nigel. Seeing as how he had a girlfriend at the time, and I had a boyfriend, AND it wasn’t each other… I don’t think it qualifies as a date. Also, it turned out he was gay (less a shock for me than it was for his poor girlfriend at the time). And here’s the kicker… I have never been on a real date. True story. Both my long-term relationships started as friendships and the "relationships" that weren’t long-term were SO short-term (sorry Moms… don’t think on that one too much) that they didn’t stem from dates either. Those started more as "hey baby" moments at a bar. I need to get out more.

What’s the first thing you notice about the OPPOSITE sex?

Physically? Smiles and necks. Serious business! Other than that, I dig on confidence and humour. Oft the two go hand and hand.

What was your first car?

A 1979 Hond Civic hatchback. White with blue stripes. And that wasn’t a typo back there – the "A" was missing off the back of the car. I bought it for $200 and sold it two weeks later for the same amount. Apparently the guy drove it just a few blocks and the transmission fell out.

When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?

I don’t remember doing this, actually. Sneaking around after I had left the house, sure! In grade 11 every weekend was all about Carey and I saying, "Hey Dad… can I stay at Jodi’s house?"  and "Hey Dad… can I stay and Carey’s house?" and then staying where we could (again, moms… don’t think about this one too much either… okay? We were always safe. Well, as safe as we could be. Welllll… we stuck together, at any rate!)

Age of first real kiss with tongue? 

I don’t remember the first one. I was a promiscuous

little scamp as a kid that liked to kiss all the boys in the neighbourhood. I was probably really young. Okay, I do remember one that was pretty early… how old are we in grade one anyway??

Who was your first Kiss in the Rain? 

I believe the first would be Bruce in grade 11. Especially if it is going to be "Kiss in the Rain" and not "kiss in the rain"… it was all meaningful and stuff when we did it. We were making up after a big fight.

Part 2: The Family

Where are your parents from? 

My moms is from Vancouver, BC and my dad is from Regina, Saskatchewan.  Did I spell Saskatchewan right?

Were you a planned baby?:

Mostly. The story as I remember it was this:  My parents planned on having a baby and so my moms went off birth control thinking it would take at least a couple of months. A week later she was preggers. So, I guess I was a planned accident. Best damned thing that every happened to you, eh moms?  HA!

Were you the first?:

And best. (I hope my brother doesn’t read this blog…)

What is your birthdate?:

April 5, (Aries) 1976 (Year of the Dragon)

How would you describe your family?: 


If you have siblings are you oldest, middle, or youngest?:

Oldest. And best. Didn’t I already answer this?

What are your siblings names?:

Brian, 2 years younger.

Which parent do you get along with best?: 

My moms. Even though my dad died a couple of years ago, I would have said moms anyway. I’m more like my dad, but I appreciate all my moms does and she’s the parent that I could actually talk to about serious things. Although I did have more spectacular fights with my moms. But that’s what happens sometimes when you are close to someone you love.

Part 3: The Friends 

Do you have more than one best friend?: 


Who are your good friends?:

In no particular order – Mike, Carey, and my moms would be top of the list as "best friends".  But the ones that I would consider "good friends"… Colin, Tricia, Jules, Andrea, Holly, Yen, Pam, Steve B., Erin, Orla, Brendan, Sarabrown, Amelia, Chelsea, Jeanine, Brooke, and Stuart.  After that, there are the "peeps"… people I dig most supreme but I wouldn’t call first if I needed to call someone.

What do you like to do when you are together? 

Well, each of them have different talents. When I am with ANY person (best friend, good friend, peep, or otherwise), I’m looking for retarded laughs and intellectual conversation. And if they will also buy me a beer… well. Well, well, well. They must be a good person indeed.

Do you share the same interests? 

To some extent. I can think of people I’m very different from (like Amelia) that I still think are kick ass and I can have "retarded laughs and intellectual conversation" with.

Which friend can you tell anything to? 

I don’t tell any one friend everything. Then they would know too much about me and have to be killed. I feel like the different friends I have fullfill different functions. Obviously, the things I would tell my moms is different from what I would tell Mike, and I don’t tell him what I tell Carey. I share the most about myself with moms, Mike and Carey though.

Part 4: Your Personality 

How high/low is your self esteem?: 

Middle to low, actually. I think a lot of people think I’m confident, but most of the time that is just bravado. I feel like I’m not all that bad, but I need to do some work to improve myself.

Do you get depressed about things easily?

Yes, but I blow off the depression (usually) just as easily. Life is more interesting with ups and downs… I would hate to take everything all "middle of the road". I love to rage and wallow in sorrow and get overly-excited and be nervous and all of those things.

Are you happy?: 

Most of the time, but I’m not content yet.

Do you live life to the fullest?: 

I try to… and I think I’m doing alright with it.

Part 5: Appearance 

Are you comfortable with the way you look?: 

Heck no! See "self-esteem", above.

Do you have any piercings?

Currently I have five. But I have been pierced nine times.

How do you dress? 

After I shower and towel off, I usually put on my underpants first. Then I remember that I need to boil water for tea if I’m going to drink it while I do my hair. Then I stand in front of my closet for a few moments, thinking about what shoes I want to wear. Because if I feel like wearing my sneakers, then I’m not putting on a skirt. If I decide I DO want to wear socks and shoes, I stare into my closet for a while more, lamenting that I don’t have more pants. Then I look around the floor for my jeans and check them for stains. Once my jeans are on, I pick out a shirt. Then I decide what colour bra I can wear with my shirt of choice. Then I put on my bra and shirt. Then I decide I hate the shirt I picked. I take it off and put on another. The first shirt usually ends up on the floor, which is why I always have so much fucking laundry to do.

Part 6: The Past 

Were you a strange child?:

I think so. I was a bit too smart for my own good (don’t worry, after about 7 years old I stopped getting smarter) and understood things that should have been beyond my ability to understand. I also dressed a little strange. I remember that in grade three I had a cowgirl outfit that I loved to wear. And I used to wear it to school. I didn’t kill small animals or anything like that, but I do seem to remember that I liked being at home reading by myself just as much as I did playing outside with others (maybe more).  Oh! Oh! And I don’t know if this is strange or not, but one thing I loved doing as a kid was building dams in creeks. Whenever we went camping (I’m thinking about Golden Ears Park) or picnicing (Bear Creek Park) where there was a small creek, I would work my ass off the entire time we were there, trying to divert the course of the creek with my makeshift dam of rocks and sand. I was fascinated by the idea that I could change the course of nature. Okay, did I actually start by saying "I don’t know if this is strange or not"?  It is definitely strange.

What did you use to love that you no longer do?:

My Archie comics. I think my moms still has them packed away for me though.

Do you have the same friends?: 

I’ve known Tricia since I was four and Julia since I was seven. We moved around a lot, so it was hard to hang on to friends.

Part 7: The Future 

What is your ambition?: 

Dudes, that’s why I’m in Korea. I don’t freaking KNOW.

Are you scared of growing old: 

What the hell? I thought I was old already! Getting old does scare me a little bit, but only because I worry about running out of time before I can do all the things I want to do. I mean… I don’t even know what the hell it is I want to do yet!

Do you want to get married?:

For sure. Probably not any time soon, but one day I would. I think it would be kick-ass to love someone so absolutely and completely that you are both willing to commit the rest of your lives to being in each other’s company. Man, I hope I can meet someone who is willing to put up with me for that long…

Part 8: The Outdoors 

Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?: 

Indoors. I love the smell of being outside, and there are things I like to do out there… but I also love temperature control and I hate fucking bugs. 

What is your favorite season: 

Fall can be amazing… like it is in Korea right now. Sunny with a bite in the air.

Do you like walking in the rain?:

Whilst on my way to work? NO. For fun… yes yes yes!

Part 9: Food

Are you a vegetarian?:

Not only do I LOVE meat (medium-rare please), but I hate vegetables. I have to bribe myself to eat them.

What is your favorite food?: 

Just one? Aurgh! Is beer a food?

What food makes you want to gag?: 

Number one on this list is perogies. EW! And I don’t want any guff from you swine… it isn’t just that I hate it, it makes me flipping GAG. BLEH BLEH BLEH!  Also high on this list: pumpkin pie, potato salad, liver…

What is your favorite dessert?:

Lemon meringue pie (made by moms).  You know what is a hard word to spell?  Meringue. True story.

What is your favorite restaurant?: 

Right now, "Kwa Kwa", which is a galbi (bbq) restaurant. But I really, really miss "The Verse" in Kamloops. It is a truckstop on the TransCanada that was terrible with unlimited refills of coffee (usually, bitchy waitesses wouldn’t serve us after a while) where we used to go and study for exams. Good times with my roommate de jour (Terri, who I had all my classes with) and later with Mike.  Lots of laughs and good chats and shitty, greasy truckstop food and gut-rot coffee.

Are you a fussy eater?: 

I don’t think so. My moms would disagree. See "what food makes you want to gag", above.

Part 10: Relationships and Love

Are you single or taken?:


If single, is there someone on your mind?

There is always someone on my mind.

Who is it?

Well, it could be anyone from Batman to a guy I saw out last weekend. And if it was actually someone that anyone reading this right now might know… as if I would ever confess such a thing. I don’t want that sort of information used against me. And I think it is safe to say that none of you know Batman or the guy I saw out last weekend. And if you DO know Batman… hook a girl up, eh?

If taken who is the lucky boy/girl?:


Longest relationship?

I should get a trophy for this one… and Mike should get some sort of statue erected in his honor. Now, the dates are a little fuzzy… Mike can correct me if I’m wrong… but I would say approximately five years, hey Mike?  From spring 2000 to early summer 2005? Poor Mike! Five years… when you put it that way… you deserve a statue AND a gift certificate to Red Lobster.

Do you think love is the best feeling in the world?:

I think love isn’t really a feeling, but that it causes a lot of other kick-ass feelings. And I’m not sure which of those feelings (or other feeling) world would be the best in the world. Right now I would settle for "rested". 

Are you in love right now?

Yes. With myself. But it is unrequited.

Do you believe in love at first sight?:

I know you buggers aren’t even going to believe this… but yes, I do. And I believe it happens all the time. I think a lot of people would say that interest and lust happen at first sight and then love can develop from it… but I believe you can honestly fall in love the first time you see a person. You just talk yourself out of it because that is so hokey and Hollywood. Then, if you do fall in love later, you say that you were interested in the person the first time you saw them. But I’ve fallen in love the first time I’ve met boys before… it just doesn’t always work out the fairytale way. Okay, okay. It has never worked out the fairytale way for me. But I still have hope that one day it will.

3 responses to “Sweet Procrastination

  1. what are perogies?!?!? dont laugh!

  2. perogies are gross. they are potato and pasta all put together in this gross mess that is usually boiled and then fried. actually, you should ask someone who likes them, because i\’m probably  making them sound even grossier than they already are.

  3. Perogies are GREAT…. doughy, potatoey, cheesy goodness…. boiled, fried… onions, chorezo… I LOVE PEROGIES!!!  Take a circle of dough, fill it with stuff, and fold it in half, there you have a perogie.  I can\’t believe you don\’t like perogies Jodi… Are you really from canada?? (perogies are from Norway btw)
    remember, when we camped on top of Sugerloaf?  and at the bar, we kept inviting people to a "party at our house"?? (no body came because they thought we were either kidding or crazy) and it was the middle of winter and we didn\’t have any camping stuff and mike monych showed up with everything?  Then Dave Moss showed up with candles for our campfire and mike massaged my face till I fell asleep… lol… why do I still feel like I am seventeen???

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