Did I mention that on Monday I while I was learning to spar, I kicked my younger master in the hip?  No?  Well, I did. Really hard. Which would be kinda cool (because I can kick hard now, not because I kicked him), except it hurt the piss out of my foot. And probably didn’t hurt him at all. And he has a bony-ass hip, my friends. But I’m all tough and stuff so I just walked it off.
Well, guess what I did tonight… I kicked our other master with the same damned foot and got him in the hand (I missed the pad he was holding). He got me right where I was already injured. Or, more accurately, I got me where I was already injured. Now that spot is puffy and bruised. But I can wiggle all my piggies so I don’t think anything is broken.
In Tae Kwon Do we have a test on Saturday. One of the things we must do is break boards. Well, our master PROMISED Brooke and I that we could use our hands and not our feet. Tonight he tried to talk me into kicking boards instead. Good thing I have an injury… now I don’t have to kick boards. He agreed to let me do the downwards-punch break instead. Bad news?  He says I should be able to break 10 of them. Now Brooke… if you are reading this… I don’t know if you would have to do the same. If worse comes to worse… agree to kick some boards and you won’t have to do so many.
Balls. I hope he was joking. But somehow, I don’t think he was. If I do break 10 boards, I will let you know. If I break my hand (at this point, more likely), I will also let you know.

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