The Weekend

I probably should have done this sooner, but I was lazy. And now I’ll probably forget a bunch of things that happened, which would be a shame.
Friday after school I went to Tuekgong and it was actually a lot of fun. I started learning a really cool 360 degree kick that will look awesome if I can ever master it. That’s a BIG IF, my friends! But it was fun to learn. And I’ve started to learn sparring, which is pretty hard.
One thing happened that was pretty funny. I’m taking extra lessons to learn how to spar after the regular lesson. This means I am doing an hour and a half instead of an hour of Tuekgong. This is really, really tiring. Most days I run to Tae Kwon Do after all that. I have to leave the Tuekgong gym by 9:00 in order to make it. On Friday, I was exhausted, and looking at the clock. My younger Master (I call him Wayne) knows that I usually have TKD, so he looked at the clock too and said, "Oh, Tae Kwon Do?" and I said, "No."  On Fridays I don’t go. So I said to him, "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… Tae Kwon Do, yes.  Friday, no.  Friday… macjew."  ("Macjew" is "beer"). He laughed his ass off. Then he said, "Koreans… soju."  I mimed a hangover. He also thought that was funny.  I’m better at comedy than I am at 360 degree kicks, apparently.
After Tuekgong I went out for dinner with Amelia and it was a lot of fun. Mmmmm… grilled meat.
I woke up at a half-decent time and took the stinko-bus to Itaewon. The first thing I did was had a detox done. This was… strange. And cool. I stuck my feet in a basin of water in which the lady added salt and then put in this… thing… that looked like a fish filter. And then I just sat there and let the toxins get sucked out of my feet. And it worked. Boy howdy. The water was disgusting after I was finished. Ew! Then I felt too pure so I went to the Rocky Mountain Tavern for breakfast. Mmmmm… breakfast. After breakfast I stayed at the RMT and had a couple of pints and read my book. It was really chill and nice to be there. I was reading "Memoirs of a Geisha", and came across this quote:
"Hopes are like hair ornaments. Girls want to wear too many of them. When they become old women they look silly wearing even one."
I really like that quote. Starting at that point, and at several times during Saturday, I kept thinking on the nature of hope. I think hope is a lot like unrequited love.
While I was at RMT, I realized that I was pissing away my Saturday without finding out what was going on Saturday night.  So I sent a text message to Brendan to find out what the craic was. Turns out he was also in the RMT. He tried to take the piss out of me for not noticing that he was in there, but seeing as how he walking past me when he came in, I do believe that he is the one that sucks. Ha!
After my pints I headed back to Suji. Everyone’s plans were all messed up and no one knew what was going on. I wanted to go out so I gave Cindy a call and headed out with their group. We were supposed to be heading to Hongdae, but holy shit, did they go about it in the weirdest way. After a walk, a cab ride, a bus ride… and still not to Hongdae at 12:30, I decided "fuck it" and to head home. Balls on everyone. I hate when going out partying takes so much freaking effort. So I ditched the group and was looking around for a bathroom when Brooke called from a borrowed cellphone. They were in Hongdae. Balls! After some quick internal debate, I decided to head to Hongdae. Got some help from random Koreans and got my ass in a cab. Found Brooke, Chad and Woody at TinPan. It turned out to be a really fun night, so I’m glad I went. From the dancing at the club, to the street food, to the dancing in the streets… it was not just fun but memorable.
Normally, you know I would say something like "I sat around all day Sunday in my underpants, watching movies and praying for my death" after a good Saturday night. But I wasn’t able to do that this weekend. Very, very fortunately, Kees got us tickets to go see a FC Korea football match. It was kick ass. It was the first time I saw football (soccer for the foks at home) live.  I would definitely do that again. Thanks again, Kees.
Fuck you, Monday.

6 responses to “The Weekend

  1. I may suck but at least I can spell RMT correctly in my blog.

  2. And I\’ve just remembered, I also want Freakonomics when you give me all the shit you\’ve been promising to give me.  I live in hope that you\’ll actually give me said items, in fact, I\’m wearing my hope like a hair ornament, and you know I\’ve enough hair that I could wear ornaments in it.  But sooner or later, I\’m gonna get my haircut, or you\’re gonna give me my books, and my hopes will die or be realised…Christ I\’m rambling.

  3. Insulting me is really not the way to get anything out of me, Mr. Green. And now I\’m off to harrass you on YOUR blog.

  4. And what the hell is wrong with the way RMT is spelled on MY blog?  Stay out of our bar, Irish!

  5. You spelled it RTM about 9 times.  I would say "stay outta my blog, Canuck", but you\’re one of only 3 people who read it…so, please continue to visit!

  6. And I had to resort to insulting you, seeing as asking, begging, holding your passport to ransom, and just plain arranging to meet you specifically to get that shit didn\’t seem to work!

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