Random Ramblings

Well, today I introduced my halloween song for my Kindergarten kids. We are going to do "This is Halloween" from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. Should be tough to pull together, but it will be pretty darned cute if they can do it.
Everything I own hurts again from the martial arts. It doesn’t help when we spend an entire class falling down. I’m not very good at falling down. Go figure.
Even stranger: I am good at headstands.
In the cabs here, you cannot open the back door on the driver’s side. You all have to get in and out from the passenger side.
I watched the movie "The Forgotten" the other night. I had wanted to see it when it first came out, but then I heard bad things about it. My review? Meh. Okay, but not great. Worth the $0.50 I spent to rent it on VHS.
A while back Chad tried to restring my guitar for me. While he was doing it, the high E string broke. So he put the old one back on. He claims that it is the first time it has ever happened to him. Last Friday, the high E string broke while I was playing. Not that strange – the string was old, after all. Here’s the weird part… I went to the music store and bought new strings. Decided to change them all. While I was changing them – the high E string broke. I think it is a Corean Conspiracy to keep me from playing guitar and singing. Not that I blame them…
There isn’t much going on right now. Mostly, I’m just waiting for my China trip and getting pretty excited about it.

2 responses to “Random Ramblings

  1. Speaking of which, have you e-mailed Xanadu about the tickets and what have you, yet?!

  2. The short answer? No.

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