Best Cab Ride EVER

And when I say "ever", I mean in Canada or Korea.
Tonight I had gone into Itaewan to meet Brendan and retrieve my passport from him. And all I can say is this: Once again, Brendan, I AM sorry about the books. What can I say?  I’m retarded. We went to Namdaemoon (sp?) market and bummed around for awhile. Then back into Itaewan for food. We ran into Brooke, Chad, and Woody at the Rocky Mountain where we had ventured for chicken wings. Note: Their "creamy cool" wings are top-notch.
~Side Note on "Top-Notch"~
Brendan, I hope you learned your lesson about using the word "pretty" whilst in the housewares section. "What happens at Namdaemoon stays in Namdaemoon", indeed.
~End Side Note~
Had some wings and sat on the porch for a while waiting for the hurricane. It was supposed to arrive at 9:00, but it is now 12:01am and I have yet to see any action.  There’s being fashionably late, and then there is this. Come ON hurricane, let’s get going already.  After a while we went back into the pub and had some more drinks.  Later, we moved on to Bricx. Brendan left at this point and I had one more drink and then made my escape. I didn’t say goodbye to anyone (except Brooke – loves!) ’cause I didn’t want to make a big deal out of me leaving early. (Note: home by 12:00 isn’t just "early"… it is a fucking miracle.) So I headed out to find a cab.
I hate taking a cab under any circumstances from Itaewan to Suji (if you have been reading my posts for a while, you know why), let alone at night.  YIKES!   But, I had no other choice so I hailed a cab and hoped for the best.
And got the best.
I open the front door of the cab and asked "Suji?" in my sweetest voice with my nicest smile. He says, "Pundukchung, right?"  I already had my alien card out (the address is in Korean on it) but was so caught off guard I just said, "Uh… right."
"Hurry up and get in,"  he says.
NO WAY!  His English was great. So good that I asked him where he had learned to speak it. Well, get this: He worked construction with the Korean army during the Vietnam war.  He had to learn English while he was there, and still remembered it. Then he asked me if I liked music. After I answered in the affirmative, he apologized for only having music from the 50’s and 60’s. I told him that I was down with that and he popped in a tape. The song was "Unchained Melody ".  He asked if I knew it, which I told him I did. He said, "From the movie, Ghost. With Demi Moore."  I was impressed. Then *I* said, "by the Righteous Brothers" and *he* was impressed. This lead to a conversation about how I knew all those old tunes for my age (thanks moms!).
Then, get this. He SANG for me. Elvis Presley done by a retiree Korean cab driver?  Gold, my friends. Pure gold. He even explained the lyrics to me.
Once we were in Suji, he told me a joke.  And then, as I left the cab, he told me to "take it easy".
Some days, you aren’t sure you are making the right decisions (i.e.: leaving the party early).  And then the best cab ride ever happens and you feel good about everthing. Shit, I was still laughing aloud after I left the car.  It was a great way to end the night.  Cheers, buddy.

One response to “Best Cab Ride EVER

  1. I had a cab ride last friday where i lounged in the back and had my feet up around the drivers ears as i serenaded to him! my friend thought it was hilarious, i was obvioulsy having a blast – i dont think the driver appreciated it though…..!

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