Not As Smart As Your Average Bear….

Two funny things today from kids that I thought were pretty smart. I love when they are unintentionally funny.
First, Kindergarten.
I hate letting them pick their own partners. It is chaotic and occasionally cruel. So today I wrote two number 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. Then I put each number on an individual piece of paper. Then I crumpled them up. Then I tossed the papers in the air and made the kids scramble for them. I told them their number was a secret, so they had to go and line up with their "secret" number. Then I told them to look at the number, but show no one. Then I asked who was number one. The class was delighted with this game; they felt like they were winning something. And if you think this sounds like a lot of fucking work just to partner up 10 kids: you are right. However, you may not be aware of the fact that it is a lot less work than breaking up the fights and crying if they pick their own damned partners. Anyhoo, I get to number three and only one kid says he has a three. And I think, "You little bastards". I figured that someone was holding off telling me that they had a three because they didn’t want to be Ryan K’s partner. Which is SO RUDE. So now I start interrogating them, Bauer style, one by one. First kid showed me her four. The second had a five. Then I asked Jason, "Jason, do you have a three?" To which he answered, "No, teacher. I have a ‘w’."
When I turned the paper to show him that his "w" was actually a three, he was appropriately embarrassed. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: good thing I have the "smart" kids.
Now, 4:00 class. The "top" 4:00 class.
They had a really easy page in their practice book about irregular plurals (ie: mouse to mice, child to children). This is pretty easy for them and they answered the questions easily. So I thought I would test them a little. So I wrote "goose" on the board and asked them to tell me the plural for it again. They all shouted "geese". Like I said, this was easy for them. So I wrote "geese" on the board. Then under that I wrote "moose" and asked them what the plural of "moose" was. I was expecting "meese". What Barbie (that part isn’t the punchline, folks, that’s her name) said made her laugh so hard (when she realized her mistake) that she nearly fell off her chair. It made me laugh so hard I had to leave the room.  Her answer for "the plural of moose"??

One response to “Not As Smart As Your Average Bear….

  1. HAHAHA!!  SO funny and so  cute, I seriously laughed out loud on this one!  I probably wouldnt have if I hadnt actually been to your school and experienced it the way I did.  It really makes it real for me having taught the kids there, man they\’re funny sometimes eh, such an innocent niave funny . . ah to be a korean child, sigh. lol

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