Tea Time

I bought "Blooming Marigold Tea" today. It is tasty yet slightly bitter (sounds a little like me). But it wasn’t the taste that has caught my attention… it is interesting. Never thought I would use that particular adjective to describe tea, but it does fit in this case. I open up my little canister of marigold tea and there are these… pods in there. Strange. So I toss one in my cup and dump water on it. A few minutes later, the pod was gone and there were marigolds in my mug! It’s really cool! I’ve attached pics to show the before and after. Neat!

2 responses to “Tea Time

  1. That is the coolest fucking tea Ever!!!
    Not as good as beer, but for tea, it is super!

  2. Oh man, can you imagine if beer did a trick other than make me forget I teach Kindergarten?? That would be SO SWEET!

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