Sunday at Eight AM? Go Birthday Yourself, Birthday face!

After frivolously goofing around until 4am last night, I had to be up at 8:00am this morning to go to the Teukgong gym by 9:00am. BOO! HISS! Although I would like to say that I was fairly well behaved Saturday night and paced my drinking so I woke up exhausted, but not hungover.
Let me say this: I’m not sorry I went to watch the demonstration. I may both rue and lament it, but I’m not sorry. It was way too long and I was ready to go home three hours before we did. But overall, it was a nice day.
Permit me to also say this: I’m extremely happy that James and I didn’t have to flipping participate in today’s events. It wasn’t that everyone was so much more kick-ass than we are (because a lot of them weren’t), but because we would have been the only participating adults. Boo-urns! That’s not cool.
The nicest thing about today is that the demonstration was outside at the base of a mountain. And the weather was delicious today. The sun was hot (I actually burned the crap out of my nose and the tops of my feet) but the wind was chilly. It was fall weather and I loved it! I sat outside all day, watched martial arts and read most of "Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates" by Tom Robbins (one of my all-time favourites… I think this is the fourth or fifth time I’ve read it). The weather was nice, the air smelled good, and because I was the only whitey for miles, it was serene for me because I didn’t have to converse with anyone. It was lovely.
One thing I like about being outside all day in the fresh air and sunshine is that it makes me feel cozy and sleepy. Ever since I’ve gotten home, I just want to cuddle (I know, I know, I didn’t think I would use the verb "to cuddle" in a sentence with "I" as the subject either) up with someone and fall asleep in a patch of late-afternoon sun with that autumnal breeze coming through the window.
Instead, I passed out for a couple of hours with the Simpsons playing on my laptop, an empty pizza box on the floor, and my book over my face. Also good. Then I walked to Lotte Mart for some things. And forgot my wallet like a retard. Walked back home. Got said wallet. Back to (sigh) Lotte. Then home again, home again…. Now I just have to email my moms before she flips out (I know it has been a little while, and I’m sorry Moms!) and hopefully right to sleep. The insomnia is still kicking my ass, but I hope all that fresh air today will knock me out.

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