Strangest Thing Said to Me in a Bar… Ever

Last night while we were at Tinpan a guy came up to me and said, "My friend is a plastic surgeon…"
To which I cock an eyebrow, and try to look haughty. I figure an opener like "My friend is a plastic surgeon" is only going down one of two avenues; either he is going to follow this with something insulting like "and he does liposuction for next to nothing" or something less insulting but still less-than admirable like "and you’ve got great tits".
I’m waiting to hear something along the lines of the former, as opposed to the latter, because hey! I’m a pessismist and the world’s greatest self-critic. However, I wouldn’t not have guessed in a million years what he was going to say next.
"…and he would pay good money for a cast of your nose."
Bah?!? I hate my nose! I think it is too… sharp. And long. I think that if it was green and warty…. I digress. But apparently, it is a nose other people would pay to have. So I can’t say I was insulted… but I don’t know if "flattered" is quite the word I want either. Disturbed? Perhaps… I definitely felt it was time at that point to have another beer!

2 responses to “Strangest Thing Said to Me in a Bar… Ever

  1. lets back track to the "pay good money" part….
    Think of it, your rich and thousands of Korean women look like you
    what could possibly go wrong!!
    (famous last words)
    so, your doing it right?

  2. The worst part is that I WOULD do it… except this guy was a little strange and I didn\’t want to a: converse with him any further or b: give him any sort of contact information. BLEH!

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