No, YOUR Blog Entry is Full of Random Bullsh*t

This one really is a mish-mash and I’m too lazy to organize it.
On Friday I found two small dishes beside the garbage that will be good for my squirrels. I was pretty happy about this find. I was talking to Sue, our new teacher, about it. She mentioned that she would like to get some pet rodents. So I asked her if she wanted to come by and see my squirrels. She said that she would.
Now, earlier in the week we had been talking about my squirrels. And Amelia joked that I didn’t have real squirrels, that I had imaginary squirrels. Which I jokingly agreed with.
Well, when Sue came to my house and saw my squirrels, she said, "Oh my God… they are real squirrels!"  What I love about this situation, and what I now love about Sue, is that she accepted my invitation to visit my imaginary squirrels. Hooray!
PS: Martin and Jim are alive and well. They are fattening up nicely. Geez. I just re-read that sentence and it sounds like I’m waiting until they are ready for eatin’. I’m not… I just think fatty squirrels are nicer looking than skinny-arsed squirrels.
Friday night we went out to dinner with the staff and then to Monkey Beach, a "Thai Style Bar".  Now, I realize that partying for one week in Thailand does not make me an expert in all-things-Thai… but I have NO freaking idea what makes Monkey Beach a "Thai Style Bar".  Anyway, I do like the menu they have up behind the bar….
fruits cocktail
sweet nuts
(not translated)
cheese (5)
Mmmmm…. squid and sweet nuts….
Today I haven’t done much with myself (note that I may have been drinking some beers at Monkey Beach) except drag myself to the Coex Mall. (Boo! Hiss!) On the way there, I noticed a sign from the bus that made me shake my head. Not sure about this one, but there was a building that said "Church of God" … "Multimedia Center" on it. I thought all churches were technically churches of God (although which God or Gods can vary) and I like the idea of God kicking back with some beers watching a DVD on his flat screen TV with THX stereo surround-sound in his Multimedia Center.
The first thing that happened at the Coex is that my damned flip-flops broke. CURSES!  So I had to buy new shoes. HOORAY! I bought a pair of black Vans, and I’m uber-pleased. I realized after I purchased them that I wanted Vans all through high school but couldn’t afford them. Then when I got to university, I still thought it would be cool to own a pair, but opted to eat and drink beers instead of purchasing them. And after university, I was up to my armpits in credit card debt and had to only buy shoes that had a specific function (ie: for running for for working). So it has been almost two decades, but I finally bought the shoes I always wanted. Now I rule!
I also spent a piss-load of money on other crap. I’m retarded. Why does buying things like rainbow socks and books I really shouldn’t buy make me so happy??  Remind me to ask my therapist… if I ever get a therapist.
Now I think I’m supposed to be going out tonight, but I haven’t heard from anyone yet. I’m not even sure at this point that I want to go out… sure, I have new rainbow socks but I’m sitting here in my underpants and "going out" will probably involve me having to put on pants. Sigh. Some days (read: most days) I hate putting on pants.

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