I skipped both my martial arts classes tonight. I just didn’t feel like going. And I’m worried that going is starting to feel like a chore and I’m not enjoying it as much. So I decided to give myself the night off. And I was deliciously unproductive. It feels good.
Although on the plus side… I did think of a GREAT Christmas gift for my Moms. EEEEE!!!!
So, today was the first day of teaching Kindergarten Reading Club. It was pretty good. But one thing happened that made me happy. After the break/snack time, there were three milks left over. So I asked the kids who wanted them. Three boys, William, Brian, and Taelee all laid claim to the milk. A split second too late, Esther pipes up and says, "Me too!"  So I say, "Sorry kiddo, a little too slow… the boys already said that they wanted them."  She accepted this. And then Brian looks at her and says, "You can have my milk, Esther". So I praise Brian, tell him what a good friend he is, etc. etc.  And I still can’t believe this, but then the little bugger shrugged and said, "Well, Teacher… ladies first."
HA HA HA!!! Who teaches them this stuff?!?

2 responses to “L.A.Z.Y.

  1. hey Jodi thanks for the birthday shout out, went to a festival for the weekend….it was great!!!!

  2. Just right.  All my boys are gentlemen.

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