If you can name a part of my body that doesn’t hurt in the comments, I’ll leave a comment saying something about you that I honestly like.
Even though some of my internal organs actually DO hurt, all innards are hereby disqualified from this contest. Because I don’t want to think about "innards"… even my own. Bleh!
Good luck!

7 responses to “Contest

  1. put your index finger on your chin, and stretch out your thumb till it touches your chest.
    remove index finger and place hand on spot that thumb is touching.
    that spot doesn\’t hurt.

    An inch to the left or right and you would have been wrong. But that spot… that spot is okay today. So… something I like about you?
    You always know what the perfect gift for people is, and you never wait for a holiday to give it to them. This is a rare ability… to know what someone needs and when they need it.

  3. Armpits?!

    Once again, foiled. The middle part of my armpit doesn\’t… but the muscles all around it sure do. Curses! I\’m afraid to tell you something about you that I honestly like…  I can foresee this biting me in the ass during later encounters. Hmmm… you are wickedly fun to be around because you are funny, well-spoken, and an all-around nice guy. Don\’t hold this against me!

  5. How about the top of your head???

  6. A: Only one entry per person.
    B: Yes, it does. But more from lack-of-sleep than martial arts.

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