Unnoticed Narcissism

Does this say something about Korea?!? Yesterday I went and picked up one hundred photographs of myself** (ha ha! take that, moms!!) and they didn’t even bat an eye. I think back home the pimply-faced teen working the photo counter at the Shopper’s Drug Mart would have at least raised an eyebrow. Here… nope. Self-love isn’t even noticed. Unless you are, of course, noisy about it.
**End Note
Why did I have 100 photos of myself (and, to be fair, others) printed? Well, my moms complained that the last time I sent her photos, they were all of Thailand and not of her darling daughter. Now, some of you may remember this… I’m easily provoked. It started with me telling my moms that I simply did not have many photos of myself (true story). But then I scoured through other people’s photos and there are a bunch(and many unflattering ones – thanks for putting those ones on the internet, guys) so I printed them all. Now you can’t complain, moms! (Unless, of course, I forget to send them!) And, my sweet mother, if you want to thank the peeps that provided the photos; it is Brendan, Frances, Orla and Jennifer that deserve the kudos.

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