Give Me Down to There Hair

On the weekend I had my hair permanently straightened. I haven’t written about it yet, in case having the procedure done fried the crap out of my hair and it all fell out. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. And I’m happy with the results – it is still shiny and healthy. And now I don’t have to DO my hair, and it looks done. Although previous to this weekend, "doing" my hair mostly consisted of me waking up late and putting gel into my bed-head and calling it a hair style.
One thing that is happening though with the new ‘do… my hair before was slightly schizo and more than slightly out-of-control. As in, I didn’t ever get to plan my hairstyle… my hair dictated what was going to happen that day. Which was frustrating, but interesting. My hair was different almost daily. And now, although it always looks done, it always looks the same. I don’t know how I feel about that. I may have to revert to dying it weird colors. How I wish Erin lived in Korea and not Japan! She would support dying my hair strange colors and help me do it. (That, and I miss her sweet self.)

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