Brendan = Fabulous

Some people just aren’t happy with an in-person and heartfelt thanks. Some people have to bitch and moan in the comments of your blog about how unappreciated they are… but I suppose the world at large probably doesn’t know just how great Brendan really is… how truly giving and generous, so I would like to share this information with you now.
In all seriousness, Brendan kicks ass.
Who, in this great wide world, goes to Guam, GUAM of all places, and remembers that I love Skor bars?? Remembers that wee fact and then brings Skor bars from Guam to South Korea??? Who would do such a selfless and caring thing?
Only the most amazing boy in the universe. Brendan Green. Now you can go over to his blog and leave comments telling him how wonderful you think he is too.
Thanks so much, Brendan. The Skor bars bring me nearly as much happiness as our friendship.
Ew. I just made myself throw up in my own mouth a little. This heartfelt thankfulness shite is hard.

4 responses to “Brendan = Fabulous

  1. I dunno…. I have never received skor bars from this "brendan"…. I think you may be making him up Jodi..

  2. so do i….i sure as hell dont know who this fabulous person is?!?

  3. I know girls… I know. Hard to believe that there are still guys out there that are so cool. Unfortunately, he is taken… and I would normally say "lucky girl" at this point, but his girlfriend kicks WAY more ass than he does. True story.
    Also, he has a crush on Chuck Norris. This is not right.

  4. How is it that my girlfriend and my bestfriend in Korea can both talk about me in this way?!  

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