If you guys haven’t checked out Toothpaste for Dinner yet… you should. This is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long freaking time!

2 responses to “YES!!!

  1. YES! Jesus is black!! I agree, toothpaste for dinner rocks. I hope you dont mind my eavesdropping on your blog. I feel like such a perve for peeking and not posting all this time. Sorry it took so long, but keep it up i love it!! Brendan\’s Rose here by the way just in case you\’re really confused 🙂

  2. Hey Rose! If reading my blog and not commenting makes you a perv… holy crap there are a lot of pervs out there! (Including my mother, who has yet to comment… wait, I take that back. Maybe I don\’t WANT my moms to comment on my blog! – ha ha). So I don\’t mind you easvesdropping at all. Hope you are well. Cheers…

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