Sometimes I DO Think They are Funny…

The kids in a few of my classes did some things to make me laugh my ass off today and I thought I would share some of them.
Each day I write up all the kids’ names on the board, and draw a smiley face to indicate how they are doing (or a sad face, crazy face, etc.) This is where I keep track of their stickers. So if they earn stickers, we add them to the board, but if they are minus stickers, well… we throw those numbers up there too. In addition to the stickers, I use a "three strikes" system of punishment for lesser crimes. So, if one kid hits another kid, they lose stickers. But if they talk when I’m talking, they just get a strike ("X") beside their name. If they get three of those strikes, then they lose a sticker. This way I can still bust them for pissing me off, but not as harshly as I would for say, throwing a block at another kid’s face. So the board looks a little like this:
Jason  3 x
Ryan2  3 -1 = 2  xx
Jessica  3 +1 =4
And I’m not being sexist here… 9 times out of 10 it is the boys with the strikes and the girls with the stickers. The girls are just (generally, very generally) better behaved. (And smarter… heh heh heh.)
On with my story. Today Monica did a little drawing in her book:
 XXX  –¥
Yup, that’s three strikes and minus infinity stickers. She showed me this drawing, pointed at the happy face and said, "That’s Jason, Teacher." And she laughed, and laughed, and laughed.
She’s six. She understands what infinity means. She also understands that if she had written Jason’s name and he had seen it, he would have retaliated with a similar drawing. I love Monica.
Today Alice (aged 9) looked me right in the face and said, "Teacher, I like your shirt. It’s pretty cool."
More Lynn goodness. This kid cracks me up every class. Today for homework they had to make up a bunch of sentences. Here are my favourites, courtesy of Lynn (aged 10)…
appear:  Speak of the devil and he will appear.
face:  Hey! Shut up your face!
I’m definitely not teaching these children the sort of thing I should be teaching them. Which is why it can be fun to teach them…

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