Now THAT'S What I Call Service

So, I had a really quiet weekend. I didn’t go out… I didn’t hang out… I didn’t get much accomplished. And it was glorious. I needed some down time and I got it. And I got bored. So on Sunday I finally ventured out of my house to buy some houseplants.
In my world, houseplants are disposable critters. You buy them, try to nurture them, and when they hit their teens (which happens really fast, as houseplants age even more quickly than dogs… every two months is equivalent to approximately 5.6 human years) and turn on you, you throw them out of the house. Now, by "turn on you", I mean "ignore all the nurturing you are giving them and die". And by "nurturing" I mean "forgetting to water". My plants die fast. I don’t look after them (which reminds me… I should water the new ones). Anyhoo… I had to toss the plants from my old place ’cause they were dead and get new ones. Which is what I was up to on Sunday.
I went to the greenhouse that I went to last time and picked up two larger plants and two smaller plants. And then I asked the guy running the greenhouse if he could call me a taxi. Well, he tried, but because I live so close to the nursery (but not close enough to walk with all those effing plants), they wouldn’t pick me up. So get this: the greenhouse guy DROVE ME HOME.
Closed shop.
Drove me home.
Unbelievable! I sometimes get really frustrated in Korea, and sometimes I hate the way people behave (note: often the way the waygooks behave), but what that guy did on Sunday reminded me that overall, the Koreans are actually a pretty damned cool bunch of people. So right now, I heart Korea.

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